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Gardner’s Hole Fishing or Day Hiking Adventure

June 22 through June 24

This is a great trip to get in shape for the summer season.  It is an easy to moderate trek of 5 to 7 miles.  We spend 2 nights in the Gardiner’s Hole, with a free day for fishing or a day hike up Fawn Pass.  The entire trail has great scenery, and this is also a good trip for kids.  The day off can be spent how you want, even just exploring around the camp and relaxing.  You will be out in time for the area fireworks outside of the park.

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After a second night under the stars, the trek will pack up to head back, this time traveling via Snow Pass, ending at Mammoth Hot Springs.  This allows us to see some of Mammoth’s springs that are away from the roads, and some different scenery for the trek out.

This is not a difficult trek, and is a great one for families who want to get their kids away from technology, and to enjoy exploring Yellowstone’s wilderness together.  Kids should be at least 7 years old, and able to hike 6 miles in a day.  A day off without packs for more exploring, day hike, fishing or relaxing.

This trip is rated easy to moderate. Be prepared for fords.

This trip does travel through highly used bear habitat, 2015’s trip had a courting pair of grizzlies near camp, kicking off the morning with over an hour of bear watching!

Up to 8 people per trip

Rates:  $800 per person for 3 days/ 2 nights, children 10 and under are free

Trip Highlights:  Gardner’s Hole, a day off for fishing, a day hike or relaxing, Mammoth Hot Springs backcountry, incredible views of the Gallatin Mountain Range and good wildlife.

2015’s trip had 2 courting grizzly bears ½ mile from camp, which were fun to watch for over an hour as they grazed along the far edge of the valley.

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