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Backpacking Questionnaire

5. Names, ages, and level of hiker of those in your group:

1. Beginner, 2 to 5 miles per day, fairly level hiking, no fords

2. Moderate, 5 to 9 miles per day, some elevation change, and no more than 1000 ft., some fording is possible.

3. Experienced, 9 or more miles a day (no more than 13), some major elevation

( You may select multiple activities )
8. Are you comfortable with traveling to locations where we may be 2 or more days from help or a cell phone signal?
(Incidents are rare, but the weather can be extreme, including rain, hail, sleet and snow at any time of the year).
➢ Rental gear is available (tent, pack, sleeping bag, hiking poles, food bag, and community gear).
➢ Rental Gear is $50 per person per trip, or $10 per item). If you have your own gear, please leave room for community food bags.
10. Does your group have any special needs?
For group treks you can see our schedule on our website or Facebook page/ upcoming events.
Please Note, that although for most of Yellowstone's trails, this is not an issue. Be aware there could be a possibility of 100 to 2000 foot drop offs, cliffs or trails on razor sharp ridges.
These sites are often easy hikes and close to roads or developed areas.
Trekking in Yellowstone does have some unique dangers compared to most areas of the country including large predators (grizzly bears, wolves, mountain lions and black bears), unstable ground along with waters over boiling, often acidic, lack of cell phone service, snow any time of the year, and freezing temperatures many nights.
Our guides are trained extensively about Yellowstone's unique dangers, and are certified first responders or EMT's. We will help you every step of the way to ensure you have a safe, enjoyable trip. Upon booking the trip, we will give you a list of what to bring and what not to bring, and tips for clothing and extras that you may want specific to your trek.
Families are encouraged to try backpacking. This is a great way to see some of Yellowstone's attractions that most people don't get to see. It also gives kids a chance to unplug and explore the natural world. Backpacking is a great way for families to bond and to make lifetime memories. Suggested Family Treks:
1. Ice Lake/ Grebe Lake (Ages 3 to 12)
This trek can be as short as ¾ of a mile from the road, to 1, 2 or 4 miles to the campsites. Fishing is an activity on this trek. Longest day can be ¾ of a mile to 4 miles or anywhere in between.
2. Lava Creek/ Boiling River (ages 6 and up).
1 ½ miles the first day and 4 miles on day two, with a soak ay the Boiling River on the way out.
3. Gallatin District sites (ages 7 and up).
2 miles to 4 miles to campsites in this wild corner of the park, a chance to get on top of the Gallatin Mountain Range. The Petrified Forest will have kids searching for the big trees.
4. Pebble Creek. (Ages 10 and up)
This 2 day trek over 12 miles does have some up hill and fords. 6 miles per day, great scenery and great wildlife habitat. 6 miles per day.
5. The Bechler. (Ages 10 and up)
5 to 6 days, 35 to 40 miles total, longest day is 8.5 miles. No major hills. 8 to 9 waterfalls, 1 or 2 hot spring soaks, 3 backcountry geyser basins, and a view of Grand Teton National Park.