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Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19

Covid-19 Operating Plan


Yellowstone Tour Guides

In Light of Covid-19, the amount of cancellations we are seeing, and the lack of interest for sightseeing tours this summer, we plan on a slow opening.

We plan to start with day hiking and backpacking tours, where we meet the clients at the trailhead.  We are also looking at obtaining a portable UV light to sterilize equipment in the near future.

Once the park re-opens the backcountry on 06/15/20, we are planning a 6 night backpacking trips with some friends to test several social distancing techniques in the back country.  Not a commercial trip, but a training trip.  We plan on instructing our friends on every aspect of putting up a tent, cooking their own meal and cleaning up after the meal.  We feel this “dry run” is crucial to look for anything we need to work on.

After the dry run, we plan on opening for day hiking and backpacking trips only.  We are working on a plan with a non-profit in Bozeman for getting kids, including the underprivileged kids, an opportunity to learn how to backpack in Yellowstone.

Phase 1:  Starting June 20th

For June and on into July, we plan to start with day hiking trips and backpacking trips only.  We plan to play it safe to start, and wait to see what happens.  Backpacking is the ultimate social distancing vacation, and you get to see the sites most Yellowstone visitors miss.  We plan to start with 1 vehicle a day and we will ad others once there is enough business.

Phase 2:  Starting July 5th

We will reopen for front country tours, PRIVATE TOURS ONLY.

At this point we will follow the following guidance given to us by the Gallatin County Health Department:

   1. All Employees and clients must stay home if sick.

   2.  Wear a cloth face covering especially in a setting where social distancing is difficult, such as in a transportation vehicle.

   3.  Avoid picking up multiple passengers who would not normally ride together.  So we will be offering Private Tours Only until further notice.

   4.  Avoid close contact with passengers when possible: keeping more than 6 feet when you are not in a vehicle.

   5.  Ask passengers to sit in the back, avoid the front seat if possible.

   6.  No re-circulated air.  Use the vents and/or windows to bring in fresh air from outside.

   7.  We will not provide water bottles or snacks, guests must provide their own.

Yellowstone during the Summer of 2020:

Do not expect everything to be open.  All of the famous hotels, including the Old Faithful Inn and Lake Hotel are closed until further notice.  Only a few restaurants will be open for take out only.

Keep in mind if Yellowstone becomes a hot spot for the virus, facilities and/or the park may close without notice.

So far, even with less traffic than normal, it is becoming harder and harder to social distance at wildlife jams, Old Faithful, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the Fountain Paint Pots and more.  If you are in a high risk category, you may want to re-consider your trip for next year.  We expect the park to get busier as the summer progresses.

Advance Reservations for 2021 & 2022 with special deals!

We can understand if you want to wait for your Yellowstone Vacation.  There are so many unknowns and a possibility of your trip being disrupted in 2020.

For now, we will only be offering Private Tours in 2021, small group tours will resume once there is a vaccine or it is safe to do so.

We are offering a great deal for those making advance reservations for next year!  For sightseeing trips from Big Sky and West Yellowstone, we are offering a second day of touring for $350.

We are only requiring a $300 non-refundable deposit, and the balance isn’t due until 2 weeks before arrival.  In the event of another disruption in 2021, we will allow you to re-schedule.

Multi Day Vacations and Backpacking trips for 2021 & 2022: Book now to receive 20% off of your tours.

We normally require a 50% deposit for these trips, but in light of the times, we are charging a $150 per day non-refundable deposit, with the balance due 30 days prior to the tour date.   Once again, if there is a disruption in 2021, we will allow you to reschedule.