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Yellowstone Backpacking Day Trips & Tours

97% of Yellowstone is considered backcountry, and only 3 or 4% of the visitors make an effort to see the backcountry, and only a fraction of those folks spend the nightYellowstone Backpacking in the backcountry.  Backpacking is a very rewarding and safe sport, as long as we follow proper bear etiquette.  Traveling in larger groups is safer, and our expert guides, know the trails, and they know the rules for sleeping with grizzly bears and other wildlife.   Very few people get to see Yellowstone’s backcountry, which by the way is filled with as many wonders as the front country, and our guides will get you to the best locations.

Every year we schedule some of Yellowstone’s classic backpacking trips that are available by the person.  These trips include the dates and itineraries.  If you can’t make one of our group trips, you may schedule a private trip, to fit your schedule.  We highly recommend making backpacking reservations before March 1st of each year.

Most backpacking trips will begin in West Yellowstone, MT.  There are shuttles available from Bozeman if you choose not to rent a car.   There will be a 2 hour meet and greet the evening before the beginning of the Trek, and to hand out gear.

Yellowstone BackpackingDay one of the trek will begin at 6:00 am (sometimes earlier), with transportation provided to the trailhead.  We like to leave early so that we can experience Yellowstone’s front country before the crowds get rolling.  Each trek will take in a couple of Yellowstone’s main attractions on the way to and from the trailheads.  It is often a very peaceful trip to the trailhead, even during the busiest of times, without the traffic and a lot of wildlife.

Please note that backpacking trips may be altered due to trail closures, fires, flooding or other natural events.  In the rare occurrence that this happens, there are always some great alternatives in Yellowstone that we will take advantage of, each backpacking trip will come with a page with photos.

Backpacking in Yellowstone

The following adventure treks are available and considered group tours:​

Private Backpacking Treks / Tour Rates:

  • 1 or 2 people: $750 per day
  • For 3 people: $850 per day
  • If you have 4 or more people (not including kids): $250 per person per day
  • Kids 10 & Under: $50

2023 Group tour Backpacking Schedule:

Here is a list of our planned backpacking trips for 2023. Each trip allows a maximum number of people stated in the list below. The minimum number of people per trip is 2.

05/14 & 05/15: Blacktail Creek
Easy/ kid friendly
6 total miles; 3 per day.
Rates: $650 per adult; $450 per child under 15

This is an easy trek, which explores the Northern Range. This trip has lots of wide-open views and wildlife. There is some up and downhill on this trek, nothing major.

05/22 through 05/27: The Black Canyon of the Yellowstone
Easy to Moderate
18 total miles; 3 to 6 miles per day
Rates: $1400 per adult; $1100 for kids 15 and under

This is an easy to moderate trek, with hills, both up and down and some significant elevation change. The mileage is kept low on this trek because of the potential of spring weather and large numbers of wildlife which may cause delays. There are great views on this wide-open point A to point B trek.

07/28 through 08/03: Joseph’s Coat and Wapiti Lake
Moderate to Strenuous
40 miles; 8 to 11 miles per day
Rates: $1750 per adult; $1700 for kids 15 and under (no kids under the age of 12)

This is a longer trek to the heart of Yellowstone, including some off-trail travel to an off-trail campsite. There are backcountry thermal areas, and lots of wildlife on this trip.

08/08 through 08/15: Bechler Family Trek
35 miles; 0 to 8.5 miles per day
Rates: $2300 per adult; $1700 per child 15 and under

This is a classic trek, slowed down to make it family friendly. This trip visits 9 backcountry waterfalls, 3 backcountry geyser basins and 2 legal hot spring soaks. This trek has 2 layover days to relax.

09/03 through 09/08: Bechler Fall trek
35 miles; 1 to 8.5 miles per day
Rates: $1750 per adult; $1400 per child 15 and under
35 miles; 1 to 8.5 miles per day.

The same as the family trek, with 2 fewer days, and 1 layover day instead of 2 and a few more miles per day.

10/01 through 10/03: Dunanda Falls
Easy to Moderate
Rates: $900 per adult; $600 per child 15 and under
17 miles; 0 to 8.5 miles per day

This trek is fairly level, and takes you to 2 large backcountry waterfalls and one legal hot spring soaks. There is also a layover day to relax and soak, and great views of the Teton Mountain Range.

Rates do not include the guide’s gratuities

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19


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