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Photography Tours

Photography workshops

Yellowstone Tour Guides has teamed up with Yellowstone Guide and professional photographer, David Reeves for Yellowstone Photography workshops, from a local’s prospective.

Dave has been guiding a photographing Yellowstone Park and the ecosystem since 2007. Over the years Dave’s skills dramatically improved, and is known for his artistic abilities, especially with wildlife photography.

Dave has put together a wide variety of workshops, with each season’s unique offerings as a highlight. Dave even has a photography workshop that will take place while camping in a couple of backcountry campsites.

Advance reservations are advised, as these workshops do fill quickly. Workshops include all ground transportation from the Bozeman, MT airport, photography tours and instruction and lodging.

Spring Wildlife Photo Workshop:

Last week of May: End on Sunday of Memorial weekend 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023

This workshop will be focusing on Yellowstone in the springtime, which includes abundant wildlife, newborn wildlife and bears. This workshop will start and end in Bozeman, MT, making a large loop in through the West Entrance and out the North Entrance.

As the snow breaks away from the high country, the lowlands are starting to burst with color from the wildflowers. The wildlife is still quite abundant, and many great shots are likely on this adventure.

Day 1: Fly into Bozeman, MT transfer to the 320 Ranch.

We will begin with and early morning sunrise and a look for wildlife in Yellowstone’s Gallatin District. After traveling in the West Entrance, we will spend the day in Yellowstone’s thermal areas. We will take advantage of the evening steam, and some of the park’s lesser-known features. On this night we will return to West Yellowstone

Day 2: We will kick off this morning with a quick early morning drive to the Hayden valley to look for bears and wolves, continuing to the park’s East Entrance. This day will also be spent catching the rainbow in the spray of the famed Lower Falls. We also have the opportunity to take some good mudpot photos and depending on the wildlife, we may get a great sunset from Lake Butte Overlook. On this night we will stay outside the East Entrance.

Day 3: This day begins with an early morning search for bears and wolves on the East Entrance Road and the Hayden Valley. This day is traditionally the opening day for Dunraven Pass, where we will take in great views and Tower Falls (if open). We will take in the evening wildlife in the Lamar Valley before heading to our rooms in Cooke City, MT for the night.

Day 4: We will begin again with early morning wildlife. This day will focus entirely on wildlife in the park’s Northern Range. There will be a great variety of wildlife in this area of the park, with the opportunity for some great wildlife encounters. This day will end in Gardiner, MT.

Day 5: Sunrise photos at Mammoth Hot Springs will kick of the day, with a spin up to Swan Lake Flats to look for wildlife and scenery shots. We will look for some of the area’s lower elevation animals in the Stephen’s Creek District and Paradise Valley as we work our way back to Bozeman, MT

Rates: $4500 per person single occupancy

$3800 per person double occupancy

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19

Rates including 5 full days in the photography workshop, lodging of 1 night in Big Sky, MT; West Yellowstone, MT; Wapiti, WY; Cooke City, MT; Gardiner, MT and Bozeman, MT (a total of 6 nights), park entrance fees, and all taxes.

Rates do not include airfare, meals or guide’s gratuities.

Summer Backpacking/ Geyser Basin Photography Workshop

1st week of August Mon. Tue. Wed.

Yellowstone’s only backcountry photography workshop! We will camp for two nights under the stars in our private campsites, giving us a stunning opportunity for night photography. We will also provide “Sherpas” to carry in your camping gear. All you need to carry is your camera gear and a daypack for your personable items. We will be covering some ground on foot, so we do recommend you bring good shoes for hiking.

Day 1: We will meet at our lodging located at 320 ranch in Big Sky, MT at 6 pm or an orientation meeting. Stay at the 320 in one of the cabins.

Day 2: Early morning wildlife and sunrise in the Gallatin District or West Entrance. We will hit Old Faithful and a couple of the must-sees before hitting the trail to head to our campsite. Our campsite is 1 ½ miles from the trailhead with very level terrain. We will have the camp set up for you and prepare a meal around the Campfire. The evening will be spent with the sunset in the geyser basin, and night photography away from the city lights and stories around the campfire.

Day 3: Morning comes quick this time of year, and we will be up early for the sunrise with some of Yellowstone’s larger and lesser-known hot spring cones in Sentinel Meadows. After some morning photography, we will return to the camp for a hot breakfast around the campfire.

We have about 4 miles to our next campsite as we head further into the backcountry. Once again we are on flat, easy terrain. There are several small and colorful hot springs to photograph along the way. Our next campsite is at Imperial Meadows, and our Sherpa Team will have the camp set up in case you want to take a nap before the golden hour arrives in the evening again.

Within a mile of camp we have one of Yellowstone’s more brightly colored geysers, Imperial. The run off channel is long and colorful, making for some great photography. Once again we will seek out a great sunset shot and some night photography without any city lights for the second night in a row. The stars are the best in the backcountry.

08/12 Day 1: Grand Prismatic/ Fairy Falls/ Imperial overnight at Imperial Meadows

08/13 Day 2: Work your way to Sentinel Meadows camp at Sentinel Meadows.

08/12 Day 3: Out to the Freight Road Trailhead

$3000 per person, camping gear included.

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19

Fall Photo Workshop

10/7 through 10/11

Starts October 7th in 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023 

This workshop takes advantage of the elk rut along with the fall colors in the lower elevations of Grand Teton National Park.   This workshop includes 1 night at Big Sky, 1 night in West Yellowstone, 1 night east of Grand Teton National Park, 1 night at Yellowstone’s East Entrance and 1 night at Cooke City, ending in Bozeman.

Day 1: Fly into Bozeman, MT, transfer to the 320 Guest Ranch for an evening dinner.

Day 2: This is the first day of the workshop, starting bright and early with sunrise and early morning wildlife in Yellowstone’s Gallatin District and West Entrance Corridor. The elk rut is on, and there should be some good action on these days. The afternoon will be spent visiting Yellowstone’s more famous thermal features, including Grand Prismatic and Old Faithful. The night will be spent at West Yellowstone, MT

Day 3: Next we will depart West Yellowstone, for Jackson, WY, touring the thermal areas along the way with some of the viewpoints in Grand Teton National Park. We should be able to visit during the height of the fall colors, making for some spectacular photos. On this night we will stay in the Togatee Mountain Lodge, east of Grand Teton National Park.

Day 4: This day will be spent in Grand Teton National Park, looking for moose and other wildlife. We will also take advantage of the fall colors, and whatever else catches our eye. When afternoon rolls around, we will head back into Yellowstone, traveling the shores of Yellowstone Lake and out the East Entrance for lodging.

Day 5: We will take advantage of early morning wildlife along the East Entrance Road and Hayden Valley, and touring the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. We will continue to work our way through the Lamar Valley for evening wildlife. We will spend the night in Cooke City at the Northeast Entrance.

Day 6: Our last day will start with early Morning wildlife in the Lamar Valley, working our through the Northern Range, Mammoth Hot Springs and on to Bozeman.

This workshop is 6 nights, 5 days.

Per person/ Double Occupancy:     $5000

Single Occupancy/private room:     $4000

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19

January Winter Photo Workshop

Starts January 25th in 2021, 2022 & 2023 

This is a magical trip through Yellowstone’s winter wonderland. This is a time of year where, the crowds are low, the wildlife is abundant, and the scenes are out of a fairytale.

This trip is open to all photographers, from amateur to expert. Local photographer and Yellowstone guide, David Reeves has been guiding and photographing in Yellowstone since 2007.

We will spend 3 days in the Northern Range and 2 days on snowcoach, traveling from the North to the West Entrance, giving you a full circle tour around the Gallatin Mountain Range. There will be a variety of Yellowstone winter scenes, including wildlife, waterfalls , geyser basins and landscapes.

Enjoy Yellowstone in the winter at a slower pace, seeking out the best photographic opportunities. Because of Yellowstone’s size and slow modes of transportation in the wintertime, we will be moving around the area, cutting down our commute times.

David has designed this workshop to capture the best of Yellowstone in the wintertime.

Day 1: Fly into Bozeman, MT, transfer to your hotel.

Day 2: On this day, we will start in Bozeman and work our way over the Bozeman Pass and through the Paradise Valley, working our way through Yellowstone’s Stephen’s Creek district. It is here where we will look for Yellowstone’s Lower elevation animals, such as mule deer, pronghorn, bighorn sheep and eagles. We will overnight in Gardiner on this night.

Days 3 & 4: These days will be spent looking for wildlife in Yellowstone’s famed Lamar Valley in the mornings and evenings, with landscapes and Mammoth Hot Springs during the day. The night of day 3 will be spent in Cooke City and the night of day 4 will be in Gardiner.

Day 5: This day will begin on the snow coach heading south from Mammoth to Norris Geyser Basin. This day will also travel to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and Upper & Lower Falls and Hayden Valley, time and weather permitting. We will also take advantage of any wildlife we see along the way. We will continue on snow coach to West Yellowstone.

Day 6: From West Yellowstone, we will once again jump on the snow coach to look for wildlife on the West Entrance corridor, visiting Old Faithful Geyser and the Fountain Paint Pots. The coach will return to the West Entrance, where time permitting; we will take in evening wildlife in the Gallatin District. We will spend the last night at the 320 Ranch in Big Sky, MT

Day 7: For those with early flights, we may end the trip in Bozeman instead of Big Sky the night before. For those with afternoon flights will enjoy a bonus day. We will start out with early morning wildlife and sunrise landscapes in the Gallatin District, before getting you back to Bozeman in time for your flight.

6 nights lodging, 5 to 5 1/2 days of touring.

$5000 for single occupancy

$6000 per person/ Double Occupancy

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19

February Winter Photo Workshop

Starts February 12th in 2021, 2022, 2023 

The February workshop is similar to the January workshop, with the exception that we will stay in the Snowlodge at Old Faithful, so we are able to take in the entire Lower Loop. A third day on coach will be spent heading to Mammoth for a visit to the Northern Range.

Day 1: Fly into Bozeman, transfer to the 320 Ranch in Big Sky, MT

Day 2: Early morning wildlife and sunrise in Yellowstone’s Gallatin District. We will then transfer to the snowcoach in West Yellowstone. We will then look for wildlife on our way to Old Faithful. We will have all day on this day, and we will visit the Fountain Paint Pots, Old Faithful Geyser and we will overnight at the Snowlodge Cabins (Please add $300 for an upgraded room).

If the skies are clear, this day isn’t over yet, as Dave will head out for some nighttime landscapes in the Upper Geyser Basin.

Day 3: We depart early in the morning by snowcoach to the West Thumb Geyser Basin and sunrise at Yellowstone Lake. We will continue around the loop to the Hayden Valley, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone including the Upper and Lower Falls. We will continue around the loop and back to West Yellowstone for the night.

Day 4: On this day we will depart on snowcoach once again, this time on to Mammoth Hot Springs. Gibbon Falls, Roaring Mountain and Norris Geyser Basin along with any wildlife will fill the day. We will overnight at Gardiner at the North Entrance.

Day s 5 & 6: Will be spent in the Lamar Valley and Northern Range looking for wildlife, with lodging in Cooke City on day 5 and Gardiner on day 6.

Day 7: First we will look for wildlife in the lower elevations of the park and Stephen’s Creek District. We will then work our way to Bozeman for the last night of lodging before everyone’s flights the next day.

For 3 days on the snowcoach, all ground transportation and 3 days in suv’s in the Northern Range, 7 nights lodging, and 1 night in Big Sky, 1 night at Old Faithful, 1 night at West Yellowstone, 2 nights in Gardiner, 1 night in Cooke City and 1 night in Bozeman.

$5900 per person single occupancy

$4500 per person double occupancy

Current Operating Status & Special deals for future trips Due to Corvid-19